Program partners advisory panel (PPAP)

If you would like us to consider supporting your eye health program please submit an application to our program liaison officer.

An application form can be downloaded using the link below

All program proposals submitted to us are reviewed by a panel of independent eye care experts that meet as our Program Partners Advisory Panel (PPAP)


Mr. Liam Roche

Dr. Phil House

Dr. Chathri Amaratunge

Dr. Vignesh Raja

Mr. Neilson De Souza

Ms Eileen Nicol

Ms. Margie O’Neill

Ms Beverley Tysoe

Information about our review and approval process can be downloaded using the links below. For assistance with a grant application contact our Program Liaison Officer, Ms. Anne Russell-Brown


Jacqueline Clay

Jacqueline brings over 20 years’ experience within the community sector both in Western Australia and the UK.  Jacqueline has administered funding programs aimed at benefiting society and supporting social change, focused on areas including homelessness, refugees and asylum seekers, social research and engineering for a sustainable society

Ms Jacqueline Clay

Program Liaison Officer

Perth Eye Foundation

Why work with us?

Efficient project approval

Merit based approvals

Programs will be approved in the first half of each calendar year.  

The links below will download pdf copies of our “Program Proposal Fact Sheet’ and “Guidelines for Support Application.”

All program proposals that meet our project partnering guidelines will be considered. Since funding and resources are limited the projects expected to produce the greatest benefit will be approved.

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