Neilsen has over two decades of clinical experience in optometry and over 10 years experience in senior management of not for profit organisations, aimed at furthering his passion for promoting accessible and sustainable eye care for all. This included developing and implementing education programs in 17 countries, and upskilling university academics and trainers to enhance their ongoing delivery of education. He led business development that used social enterprise and social franchise models to develop a global spectacle supply chain that enhanced accessible eye care. He supported the development of research and education in not for profit entities in India and China, and also supported a global child eye health campaign.

He has co-authored 7 peer review papers and contributed to the 2019 World Health Organisation’s “World Report on Vision.” He has presented at conferences in South Africa, Hong Kong, China, UAE, Australia, USA and India. He is currently a senior lecturer at the school of Optometry, University of Western Australia. He is a director at Melville Optical Clinic, a member of Essilor Future Insight Advisory Board, a business associate at ‘nthalmic,’ and a Chairperson of Global Hand Charity.