Jacqueline was appointed to the role of program liaison officer in 2022. She brings over 20 years of experience as a health care program administrator to that task. Her carer as an administrator has involved working in both Western Australia and the UK, concentrating particularly on programs with a social focus. The focus of programs she has worked on include homelessness, refugees and asylum seekers, social research, and engineering for a sustainable society. Her expertise in managing programs that support social change is particularly useful to the Program Partners Advisory Panel (PPAP). She is also currently the director for social outreach at St John of God Health Care.

Her role in the PPAP includes advice and assistance with new applications to the Perth Eye Foundation (PEF) for financial assistance. Applications are made on a ‘Program Support Application’ document (downloadable via the link below), but applicants may also need to supply additional supporting information for the application to be successful. As well as assisting applicants with that process she also provides a liaison service after a successful application. This is useful if the PPAP recommends periodic assessment of the progress of a program as a condition for ongoing or recurrent funding.