In 2023 we are supporting these programmes

  1. A team led by A. Prof. Guei-Sheung Liu of CERA (Centre for Eye Research Australia)

2. A study by Dorothy Graham, Mary Nangrahary,  Brendan McQuillan, Phoebe Fitzgerald,  Yogi Kanagasingam, Vignesh Raja, Chaaya Mehrotra, Scott White, Eileen Sung, Dorota Doherty.

3. A study team at the Perth Children’s Hospital and Lions Eye Institute led by A. Prof. Chandra Balaratnasingam

4. A research team at Fremantle Hospital led by Prof. Tim Davis are investigating the relationship between carotid vascular disease and diabetic retinopathy

5. Tom Cuneen and Joel Mudri are investigating ocular surface neoplasia at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

6. The Royal Australasian College of Ophthalmologists provides training for eye care professionals

A program to develop a novel gene editing and delivery system for correcting inherited retinal diseases commencing 2023

Pregnant women with diabetes have increased risk of pre-eclampsia. This study is using  artificial intelligence of retinal images to discover which markers indicate an increased risk of pre-eclampsia. Diet, serum lipids, and serum markers of placental function will be recorded. The expected completion date is 2025.

The utility of retinal perfusion scans in children with type 1 diabetes will be evaluated as an early indicator of vascular change. Early prediction of vascular changes would allow timely interventions to decrease retinal damage in type 1 diabetes. 

Analysis of carotid artery function using ultrasound, and retinal circulation using optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA), will determine whether subjects with early diabetic retinopathy are more likely to develop carotid disease and vice versa.

Pre-operative anterior segment optical coherence tomography (OCT) and post-operative histology will be compared in patients with clinically suspected ocular surface squamous neoplasia (OSSN). The OCT features that provide the most useful prognostic information will be determined.

An educational grant to the Royal Australasian College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) supports visiting lecturers, training materials, and clinical conferences to which the eye care community are invited

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The Helen Smith Award

Helen was the founding CEO of the Perth Eye Hospital (PEH) in 1990, and also served as board member of the Eye Surgery Foundation (ESF) charity, In 2020 the ESF evolved into the Perth Eye Foundation (PEF).

Helen’s leadership was enormously instrumental to the success of  both organisations.

The Helen Smith Award for 2022 went to the project led by Dr. Dorothy Graham into the relationship between diabetes and pre-eclampsia

Founding Charity CEO

Doing good and doing well, together

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