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All program proposals are assessed by our project partners advisory panel


Mr. Liam Roche

Dr. Phil House

Dr. Chathri Amaratunge

Dr. Vignesh Raja

Ms. Jennifer Cartwright

Mr. Neilson De Souza

Ms Holly Brown

Information about our review and approval process can be downloaded using the links below. For assistance with a grant application contact our Program Liaison Officer, Ms. Anne Russell-Brown


Anne Russell-Brown

Anne was previously group director for social outreach at St John of God Health Care, state director for Mission Australia, National partnerships director at Alcoa Australia, an inaugural member of the Centre for Social Impact Advisory Council (UWA), a member of the Social Enterprise Fund Advisory Group, a board member of Fremantle Medicare Local, WACOSS, WANADA and  Protective Behaviours WA, a director of West Australian Primary Health Alliance, and a board member of the Perth Eye Foundation. 

Anne Russel-Brown

Contact Information:

Ms. Anne Russell-Brown

Program Liaison Officer

Perth Eye Foundation


Current program partners

St Johns Eye Clinic, Gaza

Owen Siggs and Jamie Craig at Flinders Health Medical Research Institute

Third world optometry clinic

Angus Turner and Lions Outback Vision

East Timor Eye Program

Women and infants research foundation at King Edward Memorial Hospital

Why work with us?

Efficient project approval

Merit based approvals

Programs will be approved in the first half of each calendar year.  

The links below will download pdf copies of our “Program Proposal Fact Sheet’ and “Guidelines for Support Application.”

All program proposals that meet our project partnering guidelines will be considered. Since funding and resources are limited the projects expected to produce the greatest benefit will be approved.

The Helen Smith Award

Helen Smith OAM

Helen was the founding CEO of the Perth Eye Clinic and the Perth Eye Hospital.

After retiring as CEO she was appointed to the board of the Eye Surgery Foundation. Without her visionary leadership ESF charity would not have had the resources  to enable the formation of the Perth Eye Foundation.

Founding Charity CEO

The Award

The 2020 Helen Smith Award for the most impactful West Australian project was awarded to the women and infants research foundation at King Edward Memorial Hospital for the study of pre-eclampsia in diabetic mothers.

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